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Join the Campaign

Whether you represent an ISP, an Internet-connected organization, or just yourself, you can participate in the campaign. Just fill out the form below and let us know what you will do. You can also support the campaign with a link.

Please note: we are not keeping the email address you give us. It is being cryptographically hashed to create a unique identifier and then thrown away. This unique identifier is retained with your data so that you can make changes through this form and only the latest is kept.

Your full name:
Your email address:

You represent:

A small privately-held company
A large privately-held company
A public company
An educational institution
A branch of government
Another organization
An ISP, NSP or online service

You will participate in the boycott by (check all that apply):

Deleting spam mail unread
Not doing any business with spammers
Choosing service providers that don't allow spammers on their site. A listing of some candidates is here.
Complaining to abuse@spam-site, postmaster@spam-site and usenet@spam-site. For details on how, visit Gandalf's (Ken Hollis) alt.spam FAQ.
Filtering spam mail to your personal account(s). For more information, see our filter page.
Linking to the spam boycott Home page. See our Link Page for more information.
If you manage mailing lists, you can refuse to allow members from rogue sites. Look here for a sample letter to send to cut-off subscribers.
If you manage a mailing list archive, you can delete e-mail addresses from archived messages to deter spammers from mining the archive to extract the addresses.
If you moderate a Usenet group, you can refuse to accept submissions from rogue sites. Look here for a sample letter to send to cut-off site administrators.
If you are a Webmaster, you can refrain from linking to pages run by spammers.
If you are a Webmaster, you can block access from blackholed sites.
Filtering spam mail to your whole site. See our mail blocking instructions.
Filtering Usenet spam to your site or your downstream. More information here.
Blocking Internet connectivity to/from spam sites. See the instructions.

Scott Hazen Mueller / E-mail me