This is about an ISP that claims they can't stop spammers because they have to offer "universal service"

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Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 05:40:15 GMT
From: Barry Shein <>
Subject: Re: SOME NEW SLIMY SPAM! Earn money from your web site with no work

If he got harrassing calls at home from someone would he accept the
phone company demurring because they can't listen to the traffic? Of
course not. Once someone complains that veil is pierced.
He's also probably confusing "common carriage" obligations with
"universal service" obligations.

Universal service was a stipulation of the Communications Act of 1934
which created the AT&T monopoly and obligated them to provide service
to all comers who could pay and generally not shut off or deny service
without certain extreme and mostly pre-approved reasons (other than
not paying.)

Since he is not a monopoly and not party to any monopoly legislation
that doesn't apply to him and he can suggest they take their business

People who grew up with AT&T's monopoly seem to often be very confused
about their obligations thinking they're under the same sort of
legislative mandates. They're not. Business prudence, possibility of
harm, etc, requires one not to act frivolously if they are to avoid
potential consequences, but nothing more.
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