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Other Voices on spam

Other opinions on spam, contributed by many people

Further contributions welcome.

Note: All articles in this section are the opinions of, and are copyrighted by, their respective authors.

Personal opinions on spam

The History of Spam

The lighter side

You can learn from laughter - and sometimes you just have to lighten up before going back into the battle.

Service providers on spam

  • Panix Public Access Networks on filtering unsolicited mass e-mail.
    One ISP's implementation of site-wide e-mail filters which customers can choose whether or not to use.
  • ReplyNet's position on Unsolicited Junk E-Mail.....
    An Internet-based business' take on unsolicited e-mail and Internet advertising.
  • Wolf's Den Educational Services e-mail policy
    An Internet site takes steps to prevent address harvesting by spammers trying to build up mailing lists.
  • WaveOne Communications explains to CAUCE exactly why public relations company site
    CSMcKinley.com has been nuked PERMANENTLY.

Related Usenet and other FAQs

Advertising on Usenet: How To Do It, How Not To Do It
Discussion of acceptable and unacceptable ways to advertise
Posted to news.announce.newusers, news.admin.misc, misc.entrepreneurs, news.admin.net-abuse.misc, news.misc
Biz Newsgroup FAQ.
Why not to post ads to biz.* newsgroups
Blacklist of Internet Advertisers
One suggested boycott list
Posted every 3-4 weeks to news.admin.net-abuse.misc, comp.mail.misc, alt.internet.services, biz.misc
Figuring out fake E-Mail & Posts or in slightly more readable form at alt.spam FAQ
Spotting forged mail and news headers
Posted monthly to alt.2600, alt.spam, alt.current-events.net-abuse, news.admin.net-abuse.misc, alt.hackers
Net Abuse FAQ
General primer on Net abuse and spam
Posted three times a month in news.admin.net-abuse.misc, news.admin.net-abuse.announce, news.groups.questions
Scientology Spam Team FAQ
Details of one specific ongoing denial of service attack
Posted monthly in ca.usenet, la.news, la.general, alt.bbs.internet, alt.internet.services, news.admin.net-abuse.announce, misc.news.internet.announce, alt.religion.scientology
FAQ: The Newsgroup Care Cancel Cookbook
How you can cancel spam off individual newsgroups using the simplest of means: a home pc and certain newsreaders, and *sound* knowledge.
What is SPAM-L? A mailing list dedicated to "Spam prevention and Discussion"
Now read the FAQ to find out more.
LINX Best Current Practice for combating Unsolicited Bulk Email
A standard setting out recommended practices for ISPs, covering such issues as relaying, traceability of email, report handling and user education, plus a useful glossary.
The LINX (London Internet Exchange) is the non-profit partnership which operates the major UK Internet exchange point.

Miscellaneous Resources

Sample Acceptable Use Policies - a selected list

In addition, David Sorkin provides links to many of the Acceptable use policies of Internet service

Other anti-spam sites

David Wright / dww@zorch.sf-bay.org & Scott Hazen Mueller / E-mail me & Aliza R. Panitz / buglady@ability.net