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Responsible Anti-spam Sites - Letter V

Verio (7 Nov 1998)
AUP: Verio Inc. AUP
Abuse contact: abuse@verio.net

Verio is a nationwide backbone provider that sells connectivity to ISPs and companies and, as such, has a strict anti-spam AUP for their customers to follow.

Villagenet (22 Mar 1998)
AUP: Villagenet AUP

Villagenet wipes out any account that spams, no questions asked! They are also an organizational member of CAUCE.

Virtual Development, Inc. (13 Apr 1999)
AUP: Hosting/Colocation Agreement
Abuse contact: abuse@vdi.net

VDI subscribes to the RBL, suspends accounts for 48 hours ont the first offense, and nukes them on the second.

Virtual Networks, Inc. (28 Nov 1997)
AUP: Virtual Networks Inc. AUP
Abuse contact: abuse@vni.net

Virtual Networks takes several approaches to the spam problem which include filtering of spammers on their mail servers and filters that detect and stop outgoing spams.

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