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Responsible Anti-spam Sites - Letter T

Telebyte NW (7 Jun 1998)
Other domain names: telebyte.net
AUP: Telebyte NW TOS
Abuse contact: abuse@telebyte.com

Telebyte headed the Washington Association of Internet Service Providers (WAISP) coordinated effort with the Washington State Attorney General's office in getting the anti-spam legislation passed in that state.

Teleport Internet Services (29 Aug 1997)
AUP: The Rules
Abuse contact: abuse@teleport.com

In addition to being very nasty to spammers, Teleport also includes an anti-spam filter that is availible to its users.

Telstar Mail (13 Aug 1997)
AUP: Acceptable Use Policy
Abuse contact: abuse@telstar.net

Telstar has a very strongly worded AUP with regards to spam.

Terrigal Net (2 May 1998)
AUP: Terrigal Net T&C's of Use
Abuse contact: abuse@terrigal.net.au

Terrigal uses sendmail 8.8.8 with relaying turned off, blocks known spamming domains, and subscribes to the RBL.

Texan Net (24 Aug 1999)
AUP: Texan Net - No Tolerance Spamming Policy
Abuse contact: abuse@texan.net

Texan Net blocks spammers based on their IP and e-mail addresses, and also aggressively pursues them.

Texas Networking (27 Sep 1997)
AUP: Texas Net AUP
Abuse contact: abuse@texas.net

Texas Networking blocks spammers both by domain name and IP address and is currently working on a system to let their customers individually customize their blocking.

Tezcat Networks (26 Aug 1997)
AUP: Tezcat Communications - Acceptable Use Policy
Abuse contact: request@tezcat.net

Tezcat has centralized filtering in place and blocks unauthorized relaying. They also charge "non-members" (read spammers) for sending e-mail to users on their system.

Furthermore, Tezcat has also been known to turn away business customers who didn't see anything wrong with spam.

The Internet Group (28 Nov 1997)
AUP: IHUG Terms and Conditions
Abuse contact: abuse@ihug.co.nz

The Internet Group kills both e-mail and Usenet spammers as well as Rogue cancellors.

The Internet Ramp (13 Dec 1997)
AUP: The Internet Ramp T&C
Abuse contact: abuse@tir.com

The Internet Ramp has a strict spamming policy in place and also has disabled relaying.

TheOnRamp Group (31 May 1997)
AUP: TheOnRamp's T&C Page
Abuse contact: abuse@theonramp.net

TheOnRamp has terminated e-mail spammers on the same day as when the spamming took place.

ThePlaNet CyberGate (9 Jun 1999)
AUP: Network Rules and Code of Conduct
Abuse contact: abuse@thepla.net

ThePlaNet CyberGate has a fairly verbose AUP as well as IP filtering and relaying blocking enabled.

Three Rivers Internet (8 Feb 1998)
AUP: Three Rivers Internet - AUP
Abuse contact: abuse@3-rivers.com

Three Rivers uses IP blocking and has disabled relaying. Domains that send or relay spam to them or their clients risk being added to their list of blocked IP addresses.

Tigerden Internet Services (25 Oct 1996)
AUP: Tigerden AUP
Abuse contact: tigerwolf@tigerden.com

Tigerden's home page contains a fair amount of anti-spam information, making it obvious which side they're on.

Travlang (3 Oct 1997)
AUP: Registration for travlang's Word of the Day by e-mail
Abuse contact: webmaster@travlang.com

Travlang maintains a mailing list for which addresses are gathered only by users who opt-in. They also block those who try to use their systems for spam relaying.

Triada Soft Ltd. (30 Mar 1999)
Other domain names: triada-soft.bg, info.bg
Abuse contact: abuse@triada.bg

Triada blocks e-mail based on a blacklist of sites, as well as blocking based on IP addresses.

Tripping Daisy (27 Dec 1997)
AUP: Mailing List Info
Abuse contact: info@daisynews.com

Tripping Daisy uses opt-in mailing lists and promises not to give or sell the e-mail addresses of subscribers.

TWB Net (31 Jan 1999)
Abuse contact: abuse@twb.net

TWB.NET will fully investigate ALL Spam and forward results to proper providers for action. They also charge a cleanup fee of $50 per incident.

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