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Responsible Anti-spam Sites - Letter R

RioLink Ltd. (21 Dec 1997)
AUP: RioLink AUP
Abuse contact: abuse@riolink.com

RioLink does not tolerate spamming from their system, and they are also implementing IP blocking.

Ripco Communications, Inc. (17 Jan 1998)
Other domain names: ripco.net
AUP: Ripco Internet - Spam Policy
Abuse contact: abuse@ripco.com

Ripco is a BBS turned ISP, and they are very serious about dealing with spam. They provide systemwide and user-selectable filtering measures, which range from "lightweight" to "draconian". Ripco also uses IP blocks on known spamming sites.

Rush Networking (27 Feb 1999)
Other domain names: cyberwitch.org, bsdunix.net
AUP: Acceptable Use of Rush Networking Machines
Abuse contact: abuse@rush.net

A very easy to understand AUP says plainly that spamming isn't allowed, and if you do it your machines get blackholed.

RZ SOFT Hosting (15 Feb 1999)
Abuse contact: postmaster@rzsoft.com

All customers and users of RZ SOFT's are strictly prohibited to send unsoliciated mail from their accounts. Doing so results in immediate suspension of their accounts.

In addition, their servers are equipped with no relaying setups as well as an automated firewall system to automatically block IPs that send several requests to relay mail through their servers in a short period of time. They then contact the spammer's ISP and inform them of the situation.

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Doug Muth / dmuth@zorch.sf-bay.org