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Responsible Anti-spam Sites - Letter N

National Business Network (23 Mar 1999)
AUP: Fighting Spam On the 'Net
Abuse contact: abuse@nb.net

POP before SMTP is used to prevent unauthorized relaying, and National Business Network also uses the RBL and DUL to block incoming spam.

Navpoint (4 July 1997)
AUP: Navpoint Policy
Abuse contact: abuse@navpoint.com

Navpoint has free classes with their users where they discuss spam, and they also make procmail available to their users. Oh yeah, they also have a strict AUP against spam.

NBTel Internet Service (4 Apr 1998)
Other domain names: nb.sympatico.ca
AUP: NBTel Internet AUP
Abuse contact: abuse@nbnet.nb.ca

NBTel provides backbone services and makes sure that their clients prevent their users from spamming.

NeoSoft, Inc. (15 Ocy 1996)
AUP: Subscriber Agreement

NeoSoft has been known to act exceedingly quickly to extinguish outbound spam.

Net @ccess Corporation (3 Oct 1997)
AUP: NAC Internet AUP
Abuse contact: postmaster@nac.net

Having once been used as a relay for 1.5 million messages, Net @ccess has tightened down security on their mail servers to only accept mail from approved IP addresses. They also subscribe to MAPS.

Net Access (17 Nov 1996)
AUP: Net Access Rules

Net Access deep fries and beheads spammers. This seems a touch extreme.

Net Imaging (22 Apr 1999)
AUP: Legal Notice & Terms of Use
Abuse contact: abuse@net-imaging.com

Spam is not ALLOWED. Period.

NetAddress (17 Jan 1998)
AUP: NetAddress: No Spamming
Abuse contact: abuse@usa.net

USA.NET/NetAddress has been used by spammers for return addresses, but it is in vain as they nuke the accounts of spammers.

NetEase Internet Access Service (12 Jun 1999)
AUP: NetEase AUP
Abuse contact: abuse@netease.net

Anyone who spams through NetEase is charged $200/hour in cleanup costs, and they even attempt to educate their users by maintaining their own Anti-spam page.

Nether.net (26 Dec 1996)
AUP: Nether.net -- Acceptable Use Policy
Abuse contact: abuse@nether.net

Nether.net disallows use of their site for spamming and related activities.

Netk2ne (31 May 1997)
AUP: Usage Policy

Netk2ne charges $200.00 per hour for dealing with spamming related incidents. They have also taken quick action against spammers by locking their accounts shortly thereafter.

Netroom Computing (19 Apr 1997)

Netroom nuked the spammer "opportunity1.com" shortly after their first spam.

NetWizards, Inc. (31 Jan 1999)
Other domain names: netwizards.net, netwizards.com
AUP: NetWizards AUP
Abuse contact: spam@netwiz.net

NetWizards makes every attempt to nuke all spammers at their domain. They have thousands of users, and take every spam notification very seriously, as their AUP (and spam page) indicate. Furthermore, they use the MAPS RBL to help block incoming spam.

New Jersey Computer Connection (21 Dec 1997)
Abuse contact: postmaster@njcc.com

NJCC blocks relaying, filters spam and, most importantly, kills the accounts of users who spam.

Nildram Ltd. (28 June 1999)
Other domain names: nildram.co.uk
AUP: Nildram Ltd. - AUP
Abuse contact: abuse@nildram.net

Nildram has a solid AUP forbidding spam.

Nintendo of America (26 Aug 1997)

Abuse contact: webmaster@nintendo.com

Nintendo, the video game giant, has sent out a few e-mails announcing its products, and they have been very careful not to spam. They do not purchase e-mail lists or get e-mail addresses from anywhere but users registering on their website.

Nu Media Partners (16 Sep 1997)
Other domain names: powerbanner.com, auctionhost.net
AUP: Acceptable Use Policy
Abuse contact: abuse@pagehost.com

Pagehost, being mainly a web provider, usually doesn't have any users directly spamming. However, users have been known to spamvertise their pages from other accounts and pagehost will take action against any of their users who do this.

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