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Responsible Anti-spam Sites - Letter M

Mailbase (31 Jan 1999)
AUP: Junk Email
Abuse contact: abuse@mailbase.ac.uk

Mailbase provides mailing list services. In the event that someone should spam a list run by them, they will remove the spam from their archives, complain to the spammer's ISP, and block future e-mails from that account.

Majordomo.Com (26 Dec 1996)
AUP: SparkNET's Majordomo Service Guidelines

Majorodomo.Com (no connection to GreatCircle.COM, the original author of the majordomo package) runs a mailing list service site and their guidelines prohibit use of their site for spamming.

Mangonet Web Design (22 Nov 1997)
AUP: Mangonet Web Design TOS
Abuse contact: mbarrs@mangonet.com

While Mangonet Web Design sells webpages as opposed to access, they do not tolerate spamvertising of their webpages, or allow their users to use their mailboxes as dropboxes for spams.

McHenryCom (4 Apr 1998)
AUP: McHenryCom's TOS
Abuse contact: abuse@mc.net

McHenryCom has disabled relay and engages in IP blocking. They also charge any users who spam $5,000 per incident.

MCI (2 Nov 1996)

Abuse contact: abuse@mci.net

Except for one incident in which - it was reported - Cyberpromo rooked MCI into accepting a contract without a Terms of Service clause, MCI has acted quickly to block spam.

Merit Network / MichNet (4 July 1997)
AUP: Accceptable Use Policy

MichNet provided the feed to Autonet who in turn provided a feed to the spammers at Pwrnet and finally convinced Autonet to drop Pwrnet on March 1, 1997.

MerlinWeb (28 Jun 1999)
Other domain names: merlinmail.com
AUP: Accaptable Use
Abuse contact: jking@merlinmail.com

Spam from a MerlinWeb client causes them to receive a warning on the first offense, and termination on a second. 3 incoming spams from the same e-mail address causes it to be blocked.

Message To (2 Aug 1999)
AUP: House Rules
Abuse contact: abuse@msgto.com

Message To provides spam free e-mail services, making it quite obvious what their views are on it.

MettersMEDIA, Inc. (16 Mar 1999)
Other domain names: mmnet.net
AUP: Acceptable Use Policy
Abuse contact: abuse@usbol.com

Blocking is used to prevent spam from known spammers and reverse DNS is done on a sender's domain before e-mail is accepted.

Microserv Computer Technologies, Inc. (15 May 1999)
Other domain names: microserv.com
AUP: System Abuse Policy
Abuse contact: abuse@microserv.com

Microserv is a regional provider and doesn't allow its customers to send spam. They also have a clause that prohibits customers of their customers from violating that policy, a key point.

Microsoft Network (2 Apr 1998)
AUP: MSN Privacy Policy
Abuse contact: abuse@msn.com

MSN didn't take very long to come up to speed on spam, and cooperates particularly well.

Midwest Communications, Inc. (12 May 1997)

Midwest has killed off accounts of spammers within minutes of receiving a complaint.

Mind Link! (2 Nov 1996)

Mindlink has a strict anti-spam policy and performs pro-active spam detection.

Mindspring Enterprises (13 Aug 1997)

Abuse contact: abuse@mindspring.com

Mindspring does a pretty good job at handling spammers. They also have software available to their customers that is called "Spaminator".

Monolith Internet Services (16 Spe 1997)
AUP: Conditions of Service
Abuse contact: abuse@ml.org

Having had their domain name forged in a spam, Monolith hates spam even more. They also maintain a domain name directory but, unlike the InterNIC, actually delete registrations with invalid contact information.

MSG.net, Incc. (1 Feb 1998)
AUP: The Anti-Spam "Cadre" by the numbers
Abuse contact: abuse@msg.net

Having been the victim of forged spams, MSG has made its own contribution to the anti-spam community by posting a list of Anti-spam "cadre".

MYSP.com (31 Jan 1999)
AUP: Guidelines and Terms of Use
Abuse contact: abuse@mysp.com

MYSP is a free website service. Their policy is "one strike and you're out". Sites are deleted within a matter hours when complaints are received. MYSP does not provide email services. MYSP also notifies any other service providers on the spammers website (i.e. I-bill) so that those services are also terminated.

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