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Responsible Anti-spam Sites - Letter J

jaguNET Access Services (13 Dec 1997)
AUP: jaguNET Connection Contract
Abuse contact: abuse@jagunet.com

Not only does jaguNET block relaying and connections from netblocks of known abusers, they also provide filtering services and encourage their customers to forward copies of spam to them so they can constantly improve on their filters.

Jet.Net (3 Jul 1998)
AUP: Jet.Net AUP
Abuse contact: abuse@jet.net

Jet.net blocks relaying, and blocks connections from domains and IP numbers of known spammers. Their customers are not permitted to spam either.

JPSNet (15 Mar 1999)
AUP: Spam Info
Abuse contact: abuse@jps.net

JPS offers filtering services to their customers as well as removing users who spam from their system.

Juno (6 Sep 1999)
AUP: Privacy and Security
Abuse contact: abuse@juno.com

Juno has a strict anti-spam policy and also likes to sue spammers for forging their domain name in their spams.

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