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Responsible Anti-spam Sites

There are currently 272 sites listed.

This page was last updated on October 27, 1999 20:39:22.

Please direct comments, flames, and contributions to Doug Muth

Table of Contents:

What is this?

This is a list of domains who act responsibly when dealing with the spam problem whether the problem is be spam being sent by their users, spam being relayed through their mailserver, or spamming with one of their users having an account on their system as a dropbox. This list is part of the Spam Boycott.

How does a site get listed?

Sites can be listed here in one of 2 ways:

For an ISP or educational institution providing direct access to users or connectivity to other sites or organizations:
By demonstrating that they have and enforce an Acceptable Use Policy or Terms of Service agreement with their users. This policy must prohibit e-mail and Usenet spamming. Sample AUPs can be found here.
For some other site, such as a web hosting service, or a company that's on the net:
By acting in a responsible manner with regards to spam, such as using "opt-in" mailing lists, preventing relaying through their site, and not spamvertising through the services of a spammer. Having a statement saying that they don't spam and why they don't spam is not required, but goes a long way in terms of public relations!
Listing a site here does not mean that the site's administration has requested a listing; sites may be listed based solely on public actions they have taken.

If you wish to see a site added here, you are welcome to fill out an application. It does not matter whether your work for the site, are just a user of the site, or are completely unrelated to the site but read about them nuking a spammer.

If there is any incorrect information listed or you know the URL for a site's AUP or their abuse contact and I don't have it presently listed, please inform me.

How/why would a site get removed from the list?

A site may be de-listed for discontinuing their anti-spam policy; for failure to enforce their policy; or sending spam themselves. If you feel that a particular site shouldn't be on here, don't hesitate to contact me.

What about AOL and Hotmail?

I have received some questions as to why I have both AOL and Hotmail on this list, as they seem to the source of a lot of spam. It's important to bear in mind that AOL and Hotmail accounts are very easily obtained (the latter being for free), so it's a strong temptation for spammers to use them as return addresses in spams.

However, upon being notified that one of their addresses was used in a spam, AOL and Hotmail promptly nuke the offending accounts.

Also, it is important to note that Hotmail is now suing not one, not two, but eight spammers for forging their e-mail to appear from the Hotmail.com domain. More information can be found at http://www.news.com/News/Item/0,4,21822,00.html.

Why hasn't this page been updated in so long?!?

Both my personal life and job life have kept me busy lately. In addition, I've spent some time writing a Perl script that now stores the data for this list in a database and dynamically generates the HTML rather than the old format, which was a static HTML document.

What this means is that now updates and corrections for sites in this list can go much quicker as I have a menuing based system on my end for maintaining the page.

The list of Responsible Sites!

For the sites that are listed here, now you can brag about being anti-spam and being listed as a responsible site! This would be a great way to encourage new users to sign up!

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How can I locate a responsible site local to me?

I would recommend that you visit a directory of ISPs, such as Internet.com's The List, where you can look for an ISP by area code.

How to receive notification of future updates to the list.

Enter your e-mail address to register this page with URL minder in order to stay informed of updates. And yes, they are also anti-spam. :-)

Credits and Thanks

My thanks goes to the following people:

  • Scott Hazen Mueller - For running spam.abuse.net!
  • Tim Bedding - For pointing out several dozen spelling and grammatical errors on the list.
  • All the ISPs and on-line companies listed here!

Select a site by letter/number: [@] | [2] | [3] | [A] | [B] | [C] | [D] | [E] | [F] | [G] | [H] | [I] | [J] | [K] | [L] | [M] | [N] | [O] | [P] | [R] | [S] | [T] | [U] | [V] | [W] | [X] | [Y]

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Doug Muth / dmuth@zorch.sf-bay.org