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Responsible Anti-spam Sites - Letter G

Galaxy-NET (22 Mar 1998)
AUP: Acccount Terms and Conditions
Abuse contact: abuse@galaxy-net.net

On the first spamming incident, Galaxy-NET gives a warning to the user. The second time a user spams they are fined $500 per complaint.

GateKey Solutions (22 Dec 1997)
Other domain names: gatekey.org, gatekey.net, gatekey.edu
AUP: GateKey Solutions - Policy Against Network Abuse & Spamming
Abuse contact: abuse@gatekey.com

GateKey has a zero-tolerance policy against spam, and an excellent AUP.

Genuity (27 Sep 1997)
AUP: Acceptible Use
Abuse contact: abuse@genuity.net

Genuity has a strict AUP and will pursue spamming incidents involing their customers.

GetResponse.com (16 May 1999)
AUP: Anti-Spam Policy
Abuse contact: abuse@getresponce.com

GetResponce sells autoresponders, and will not hesitate to terminate a spammer who abuses one of their autoresponders. They also charge the spammer a $500 cleanup fee and report them to the ISP that they spammed from just to be thorough. :-)

Global Linx Internet (3 Feb 1999)
AUP: Global Linx Internet - AUP
Abuse contact: abuse@glinx.com

Global Linx subscribes to the RBL and also blocks the IP numbers and domains of spammers where necessary.

Global Online Japan (31 May 1997)
AUP: User Agreement, English

Spammers get one chance to reform, else their accounts are deep fried.

Golden Triange On Line (8 Jul 1999)
Other domain names: gto.net, conestoga.net
AUP: Customer Agreement and AUP
Abuse contact: abuse@golden.net

Golden Triangle uses the RBL, DUL, RRSS, and DSSL spam filtering systems, and also submits sites to those lists. Anyone spamming from a Golden Triangle account is charged a minimum of $200 for cleanup costs.

GoPlay Network (27 Dec 1997)
AUP: GoPlay's NO SPAM Policy
Abuse contact: abuse@goplay.com

GoPlay provides web-based e-mail accounts similar to Hotmail and as such, tends to be abused by spammers. However, they nuke the accounts of spammers as soon as they are found out and charge spammers for their time.

GSTek Corporation (2 May 1998)
AUP: Ezy.net AUP
Abuse contact: abuse@ezy.net

GSTek has zero tolerance spam policy and considers spammers "the lowest form of scum on the Internet". They won't tolerate spamvertising of websites on their network or spammers using dropboxes on their network.

GTE Internet Solutions (31 May 1997)

A somewhat vague policy, but there haven't been any spamming problems with GTE.

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