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Responsible Anti-spam Sites - Letter F

Faradic Internet Services, L.L.C. (20 Jun 1999)
AUP: Faradic Internet Terms of Service
Abuse contact: abuse@faradic.net

Faradic subscribes to the RBL, and charges spammers a $100 cleanup fee.

FASTNET (13 Aug 1997)
AUP: FASTNET Accceptible Use Policy
Abuse contact: abuse@fast.net

FASTNET, as a regional ISP, takes spamming and other forms of network abuse very seriously and will terminate accounts/access without notice!

Fastnet International (31 Jan 1999)
AUP: Fastnet Homepage
Abuse contact: abuse@fastnet.co.uk

In addition to closing their relays, Fastnet (not to be confused with fast.net), also blocks spam from known spamming domains. They also attempt to discipline and educate their customers.

Fat City Network Services (12 May 1999)
AUP: Terms of Agreement
Abuse contact: abuse@fatcity.com

Fat City deals in mailing list services but do not provide information to, nor do they do business with spammer. They also charge 75 cents for each spam that is sent to them.

First Citizens Internet, Inc. (25 Apr 1999)
AUP: Customer Service Agreement
Abuse contact: abuse@fcbl.net

They maintain a list IPs that spammers use and deny e-mail from them.

Flashnet Communications (5 Jun 1999)
AUP: Acceptible Use Guidelines
Abuse contact: abuse@flash.net

Flashnet prevents e-mail relaying from outside their domains as well as blocking mail from know spammer domains. They also maintain a page which lists recent abuse incidents at http://support.flash.net/nospam/.

FormMailer (24 Aug 1999)
AUP: FormMailer - General Terms of Use
Abuse contact: abuse@formmailer.net

FormMail disallows their members from spamming and will inform other companies/websites that the spammer may be using as well.

Futuris Networks, Inc. (3 Jul 1998)
Other domain names: savemail.com
AUP: Network Usage Policy
Abuse contact: abuse@futuris.net

Futuris won't allow their users to send spam or use their accounts as dropboxes for spam sent from another ISP. Their president, Hugh Brower is also a long-time member of the SPAM-L mailing list.

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