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Application for the Goodsites list

This is an application to have a site listed on the goodsites list. I am implementing this so that adding sites becomes easier in the future as the information about a site will be much easier to read.

Just fill out the application and click on the button marked "send" to send it into me.

Ok, I don't know how else I should say this, but lately I have been getting submissions that either don't have a URL pointing to an AUP, or an AUP that briefly mentions "mass e-mail" or "bulk e-mail" and makes no mention of spamming. Please make sure that you specify an AUP. Thanks!

The reason why I suggest that spam be mentioned in an AUP as opposed to "bulk e-mail", etc. is that bulk e-mail, when done in a solicited manner, like what Infobeat does, if perfectly acceptible. Spam denotes the unsolicited version of bulk e-mail.

Of course, if you would like help in adding anti-spam language to your AUP, I'll be happy to assist. Just e-mail me.

Application Form

Company name(s):

Domain name(s):

Abuse Contact (usually abuse@domain):

URL for their AUP.

I would like this site

Additional comments about the site that I could use in the domain's listing. (Examples include what measures they have taken against spam, such as no relaying, IP blocking, etc.):

Your e-mail adress:

Your name (Optional):

If for some reason, you cannot send the form, perhaps due to the CGI being unavailible, just cut the contents of this page and paste them in an e-mail to dmuth+application@zorch.sf-bay.org.

Special thanks to SSI Data Systems for supplying the CGI script for this form!

Doug Muth / dmuth@zorch.sf-bay.org