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Responsible Anti-spam Sites - Letter A

a2z Mobile Office Solutions, Inc. (24 Aug 1999)
Other domain names: themoo.com, themobiledesk.com
AUP: Ordering and Policies
Abuse contact: bal@a2zsolutions.com

a2z will never e-mail people unless it's in response to a query that is made to them. They do not sell their lists of customers nor do they telemarket to them.

Abacus America, Inc. (7 Jun 1998)
AUP: A+Net - AUP
Abuse contact: abuse@abac.com

Abacus America blocks e-mail from repeat spammers and also has filtering capabilities to stop incoming spam from other sources that haven't been blocked.

Abest Network Services, Inc. (30 Nov 1996)
AUP: Abest Dialup Policy and User Guidelines
Abuse contact: abuse@abest.com

Abest cancelled Krazy Kevin within a few hours of his recent reappearance and has a reasonable anti-spam policy. They alsocharge spammers a $1000 for the cost of cleaning up the mess. Krazy Kevin apparently used low-limit charge cards and they're still after him for the rest of the fee.

ABSNet (4 July 1997)
AUP: ABSNet Subscriber Agreement
Abuse contact: abuse@abs.net

ABSNet terminates spamming accounts, filters rogue sites, and does whatever else it takes to stop spam from hitting their site.

Access U.S. (17 Jan 1998)
AUP: Access U.S. TOS
Abuse contact: abuse@accessus.net

If a customer of Access U.S. spams, they receive ONE warning,and if they do it again, their account is nuked with extreme prejudice and they are charged $250 for cleanup costs.

Accettura (29 Aug 1999)
AUP: Accettura
Abuse contact: abuse@accettura.8m.com

Accettura offers a mailing list for people to sign up on and pledges never to give out the names on the list. They also have an easy way for people to unsubscribe from the list via a web interface.

Accounting & Computer Enterprises, Inc. (3 Feb 1999)
Other domain names: centralvirginia.net, www.pleasevisit.com, www.va-web.com
AUP: Conditions for Inclusion in the Directory
Abuse contact: abuse@centralvirginia.net

Accounting & Computer Enterprises provides free listings for businesses in their local area. However, they reserve the right to remove links to businesses which spam.

ActionWeb Services (24 Feb 1999)
AUP: Acceptable Use Policy
Abuse contact: abuse@actionwebservices.com

Customers of ActionWeb Services are not allowed to spam nor to use their e-mail addresses as dropboxes for spam. Doing so subjects the customer to a $500 fine.

AFES Network Services (27 Feb 1999)
AUP: AFES Network Services AUP
Abuse contact: abuse@afes.com

AFES disallows spamming by their users, refuses services to known spammers, and charges spammers from other ISPs at $150 per user spammed.

AIT Net (3 Jul 1998)
Abuse contact: abuse@aitcom.net

AIT is a webservice provider and as such, their AUP prohibits a customer from spamvertising a site from another ISP. They also offer their clients a web-based interface for configuring the anti-spam measures in their copy of sendmail. AIT also monitors the news.admin.net-abuse.* hierarchy for any reports of spam from their customers.

America Online (6 Oct 1996)
Abuse contact: abuse@aol.com

Despite plastering the computing world with free trial diskettes, a virtual come-on to spammers that use throw-away accounts, AOL manages to keep the level of outbound spam under control.

Angelfire (31 Jan 1999)
AUP: Angelfire - Rules
Abuse contact: abuse@angelfire.com

Angelfire provides free webspace similar to Geocities and will not hesitate to remove an account that has been spamvertised.

Antistatic Matrix (3 Feb 1999)
Other domain names: dreamtrax.com, metagifted.org
AUP: Spam Offer
Abuse contact: abuse@antistatic.com

Antistatic uses a host of anti-spam measures which include relay-blocking, DNS resolution on incoming e-mail, procmail recipes, and the RBL.

Aracnet Internet Services (3 Oct 1997)
AUP: Aracnet System Rules
Abuse contact: abuse@aracnet.com

Aracnet has a "one strike and you're out" policy with regards to spamming. They block spam by domains and IP numbers, and have also disabled relaying.

They also hate IRC bots. :-)

Aros Net (17 Jan 1998)
AUP: Newsgroup Spamming
Abuse contact: abuse@aros.net

Aros has blocking in place against known spamming domains and also has relaying turned off. They also charge $125/hour as cleanup costs.

Arrow Communication Systems, Inc. (14 Apr 1999)
AUP: ApexMail AUP
Abuse contact: abuse@apexmail.com

ApexMail does not allow spamming, relaying of spam, forging of headers or any spam-related activities. They have a zero tolerance approach to spamming. If any account in their domain is found to be involved in spam-related activities, the account is automatically terminated.

Arrow Crab Internet (4 July 1997)
AUP: Acceptable Use Policies and Terms
Abuse contact: abuse@aci.net

Arrow Crab Internet has a very detailed policy regarding spam coming from their users. In addition to the typical cancellation of a spammer's account, Arrow Crab may give out the personal information of said spammer.

ASCInet (28 Feb 1998)
Abuse contact: abuse@asci.net

ASCInet takes steps to educate their customers on their AUP so that they understand why spam is not tolerated. Of course, ASCI won't hesitate to cancel an account that does violate their AUP. They have also disabled relaying.

It's also important to note that ASCI has NO relation to ACSI.net, which has been reported to provide access to spamming sites.

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