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Sample letter for moderators cutting off spam sites

This is an example of a letter you might send to administrators of a rogue site when you cut off submissions from their subscribers. This is a way of bringing pressure to bear on the management of the spam site to get the spammers shut down.

From: Moderator <moderator@site.com>
To: postmaster@badsite.com,usenet@badsite.com
Cc: moderators@uunet.uu.net

Subject: Pending Removal of badsite.com

To the badsite people & moderators,

I am sick of the amount of e-mail spam that is originating from your site. I am one of the moderators of group name here, a very popular newsgroup. If the e-mail spam does not cease from your site, I will alias you out of the newsgroup and no longer accept submissions from your users. I will also urge the other moderators to do the same thing.

AOL has managed to do a pretty good job at reducing the spam originating from its site. I suggest you get in touch with them and do the same thing.

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Jay Denebeim