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Sample letter for list managers cutting off spam sites

This is an example of a letter you might send to your subscribers that are customers of a site that hosts spammers. This is a way of bringing pressure to bear on the management of the spam site to get the spammers shut down.

From: List Maintainer <listmaster@site.com>
To: subscribers@badsite.com
Cc: postmaster@postmaster@badsite.com
Subject: Pending Removal of badsite.com

Dear Subscribers,

For several months now, our mailing list server at site.com has been receiving a flood of spam from a member site of badsite.com. I have sent numerous complaints to admins of badsite.com and have forwarded close to 100 forged messages to them. I have received no response, and after several months the forgeries still come.

site.com is also not the only site receiving this spam. It has been reported that our spammer has spammed repeatedly. I've been in contact with several other sites who are receiving this spam. The best any of the list managers has received from badsite.com is an Incident Tracking Number. The bulk of complaints have gone completely unanswered.

Unfortunately, I've also been made aware that badsite.com is also starting to be used by several mailers of bulk unsolicited e-mail, commonly known as spam. The folks who have been tracking this have also had troubles getting responses to complaints sent to badsite.com. Consideration is being made to declaring badsite.com a rogue site because of the spamming activity. Rogue sites are those who after given much opportunity to clean up their act continue to be used for abusing other sites. Once declared rogue, many sites will quit accepting connections from that site.

As someone who has had to deal with this abuse from badsite.com for months, with no sign of an end to it, I am giving final warning that as of DATE, any forgeries, spam, or other abuse received via badsite.com which is not promptly handled by badsite.com will result in badsite.com being blocked from all services at this site.

As subscribers of mailing lists on site.com, this would mean you would be removed from the mailing lists. If you value your subscription, I urge you to contact your Customer Service representative and ask them why they tolerate abusive behavior on their network. Unfortunately sometimes providers only listen when their customers start to complain.

I seriously hope you take this matter seriously, because if badsite.com starts being blocked, you may have a tough time accessing all sorts of services you want to see.

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Scott Hazen Mueller / E-mail me & James Lick