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I got a spam and it led me to this site

We get e-mail about once a month that says that. What's happening - are we spamming ads out for our anti-spam site?

No. No way.

There are two things that we have seen happen semi-regularly in the past.

  1. Some ISPs, when they cancel a web site because the owner has spammed an ad for it, point the URL at an anti-spam site. We believe that this is done in order to help educate the general public about spam, and to show that the ISP is anti-spam. Unfortunately, because this is done with no explanation, it makes it look as if we spammed an ad linking to our site.
  2. Sometimes spammers get mad at anti-spammers and send out spam with the anti-spammer's name, address or web site in the spam. This is called a joe-job and some people take it as evidence that they've "arrived" as anti-spammers if someone joe-jobs them. It's done, of course, to try to create trouble for the person being joe-jobbed.
There is one other case we've seen, but not on a recurring basis. In this case, someone kept getting pages at a place called "usuck.com" and spamming out ads for those pages. The pages had something called a frame - for an example of frames, see Scott Hazen Mueller's home page - and they put our home page inside of a frame so that it looked like our page was hosted at that site. We added a little javascript code to our home page to stop that from working, since we were getting a lot of complaints, and stopped that one cold.

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