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About this site

Our aim with spam.abuse.net is to provide the best collection of anti-spam links and resources to be found anywhere on the Internet. If you know of a page or site or story that would be of interest to the anti-spam community, don't hesitate to bring it to our attention. We also gladly accept new writeups, images and icons from the original creator(s) or with their permission.

Who are we? We're Internetters with a collective century-plus of experience in the online world. Our cast includes

This site is sponsored by Scott Hazen Mueller and is hosted by SF-Bay.ORG.

Oh, yeah. We get awards from time to time. About half of the places that have written to notify us about an award have disappeared to one degree or another. Here are the ones that are still extant as of 5 Mar 1999.

Cool Central Site of the Hour for Friday, November 1, 1996 at 3AM.

Cool Central Site of the Day for Thursday, January 8, 1998. Still waiting for that threepeat, guys.

Links2Go Key Resource Award, spam topic.

TechSightings "Sight of the Day" for Friday, March 5, 1999.

4Anything "best in category".

And Yahoo! gave us these nice sunglasses: .

We update the site a few times per year, on no particular schedule. If you have made a contribution to the site, we will write back to inform you when it has been added to the site. If you would like to volunteer to help keep the site up-to-date, please write.

Scott Hazen Mueller / E-mail me